Sunday, September 07, 2008

"Chore chart"

LD has serious issues with transitions. Always has. Leaving the house to go somewhere he loves (playground, etc) is a serious event. I'm always looking for ways to help with transitions. Usually it's giving lots of verbal warnings ('we're leaving in a half hour' then "we're leaving in 15 minutes" etc. "Today we are doing x." "Tomorrow we are doing x".)

I saw this nifty door hanger idea on Let's Explore. I had to make it right away once i found out how she did the clip art. I love it. It's not perfect and it's the first time i've used Mod Podge (wooo hoooo! i'll be doing that a lot more!) but i think it's going to come in real handy. It has one side for day and one for night.

(the edges are rough right now and i'll fix that after it's completely dry)


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