Thursday, September 04, 2008


The other night Little Dude looked at all our legs and he said "white" and pointed to my leg, "white" and pointed to his leg, and then "brown" and pointed to my husband's leg. My husband said "White. Light Brown. Brown." and Little Dude said "no. white. white. and brown."

By the end of it, it was decided, "white, light brown, and brown". Kind of a funny innocent thing he noticed all on his own.

We've been having preschool angst over here. I wanted to send him to this great environmental montessori school that has a great nature program and nature walks with a botanist coming in and teaching the kids a half hour per morning. It was a couple mornings a week and really cheap as far as preschools go around here. But there was a little bit of a drive involved and with a baby coming and with it only being a few hours a morning a couple times a week it would cut into the errand running i need to do because it takes a half hour to go anywhere here. Throw a nursing in there and i'd probably be late for pickups. Everything is far here. So we put him in the overpriced daycare preschool in the neighborhood. He cried. I cried - after leaving. I hated the place. The broken toys, the mismatched stuff, the teacher, everything. I was going to pull him out and put him in the school of my original plan with it's neatly organized materials and wonderful layout of a room and loving nurturing teachers.

Well apparantly the kid cries a lot at this school but loves it. He cries when i leave, he cries when they go outside (so strange! they think it's because he thinks he's leaving) and he cries when i pick him up. He begs me to take him to pizza and then crashes for his nap. He wakes up happy and excitedly talks about all the things that happened at school. He has learned some very interesting things as well. Sigh. Montessori it is not. But the kid seems to be very happy there and much more like a three year old than the four year old he tends to act like. Even when he's crying after and i ask if he likes the school and has fun, through his tears he says yes. It must be jitters and the fact that he's gotten very very attached to me over the summer. Clingy. Won't do anything without me. Things i am him at times. He has been the sweetest kid since starting this school. Keeps telling me how much he loves me and wants to take care of me. All of a sudden he has quit taken me for granted and really appreciated me. I'm loving it. And i've never seen him so happy either.


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