Friday, August 29, 2008

to remember...

I love the conversations with little dude when he wakes up. He's always so lucid and he always has new interesting things to say after waking up. As much as his falling asleep is a favorite time of my day, so is his waking up.

Here's today's exchange (after taking a nice 3 hour nap in the bassinet)...

Entering the playroom.

Me: Look at the trees out the window! They're changing!
LD: Yeah! See the purple ones. And red ones too. See the ones down there.
Me: Yeah, brown ones, gold ones, yellow ones...
LD: And purple ones too!
Me: (i laugh) Yes. Purple ones too!
LD: And green ones. (long pause) Those aren't ripe yet.
Me: (i have to kiss him for that one - what a way to think of it!)
LD: Those aren't ripe yet!
Me: Nope, they're not. We should take a walk today and see what else we see.
LD: Mommy?
Me: Yeah?
LD: The caterpillar eats some of the leaves.
Me: (have to give him another kiss) Yeah, just like in the caterpillar book. You remembered!
LD: Yeah. Mommy?
Me: Yeah?
LD: You want to play trains with me?
Me: Okay.
LD: Fall is coming.
Me: Yup.
LD: Baby comes with the snow.
Me: That's right.

*And today is the big day he began to ask "WHY." A few minutes after this conversation. I wondered when it would come. He asks us a ton of questions but never why. I knew it was coming. And it has. Sort of sad. Because i love the way he asks questions now and why is so...easy.


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