Friday, August 15, 2008


So i haven't sewn in forever. Lemme tell you, having a girl is going to be fun. I never knew........... I went shopping last week at clearance sales and got some adorable things super cheap for next summer. How fun it was to shop for a girl! But what is really fun is sewing for one!

She's my inspiration these days, my little 10 ounce daughter who is so mild she only wakes up when i sit (rarely) and when i eat something sweet (nightly) or when i slam a glass of water (usually midday right before i sit). I drink a lot these days but somewhere between "pick up your toys" (raising voice) and "please go to sleep" (praying) i usually get a good 20 ounces in one shot. She stays put in the same spot and refuses to move even if an ultrasound technician shakes my stomach for an hour, she won't move but she'll give me little kicks and tickles. I seriously had an hour and a half ultrasound two weeks ago. They wanted to see the heart good and she just refused to get out of her hole. Little squirrel.

Sewwwwwwwwwwwww, let me share what i've been spending naptime doing (instead of reading the ginormous book i'm supposed to have reviewed by the end of the month.

First up, burp cloths. I hated burp cloths when i had LD. I quit using them and put them right into the donation box because they were useless to me. They didn't absorb anything and were plain annoying. The boy could spit up let me tell you so i just used receiving blankets. So when i saw this tutorial by the multi-talented Barb of Chelsea Morning, i couldn't wait to have a baby so i could make these! And now that i have i will definately be making some for baby gifts. They are so sweet and useful. I made a little mistake and bought the non-prefolds and had washed and dried them thinking "how different could they really be?" Very. Prefolds are key. I made the others work but ended up with 18 burp cloths because i bought six of the prefolds to see how they were supposed to be done and made the 12 others work and now i'm actually pretty happy with them. They aren't good enough for gifts so i now have 18. I hope she spits up a lot. Ummm, did i just say that? Love these!

Next up. I won some fabric at Sew Mama Sew. I chose this yummy fabric.

Yay me! I never thought i would win on there! I decided on this yummy fabric but still don't know what i'm going to make with it but i think it'll end up in a baby quilt. My original idea has changed so now i'm thinking around this fabric. My other thought is these fabrics and make a matching pink sock monkey to go with it.

Also, are these little onesies i've cut out the appliques for but have yet to figure out how to sew them on nice. I'm hoping the inspiration comes next week because how sweet are those?

I also want to make these little bloomer dress outfits out of these two vintage fabrics that a lady gave me this past spring. Yummy right? I mean perfect fabric for them. I hate patterns but it's worth the effort. I say that now........... I got this idea from Barb too. I saw the bloomer shot and i went straight to Ebay looking for it. Found it after 3 weeks.

Here's a closer look at the fabric... vintage yum!

Last is an idea i saw a few years ago and have wanted to make since but thought it was too girly (even if i did it in boy colors) for LD. He was about a year when i found it in a book. But it's been there in my mind and i've had the chenille collected for a while now too. Bought some whole blankets and sold off most of it just for a few measly squares. But love love love how this is looking. I can't figure out what to back it with yet. I will use flannel for the batting and then ribbon tie it instead of quilting it because i broke all my sewing machine needles yesterday just getting it pieced. Chenille stinks to sew through. Those seams are bulky. Glad i used my old machine for it all instead of my good one. I think this is so sweet and adorable for a little playmat hanging out area.

I also started and finished a few gifts that were sorely overdue. I still need to make a doll for the orphanage project still. I stink but i just haven't been in the sewing zone. That's up for next week. I had to get this bout of sewing out first. Not showing pictures of the presents though. Just glad i'm back in the zone!

Oh wait, there's one more thing. I want to make a scalloped stroller blanket out of this fabric. Do you think it matches? I love that top one! The bottom one is vintage and haven't figured out of it will match as the back or not. I plan to use the pattern from "Bend the Rules Sewing".

I don't know if i'll get it all done but boy i want to. I think it's all i'm going to be able to do since i'm also crocheting a blanket. I'd love to knit a coming home hat and sweater but well me and knitting still aren't the best of friends and i haven't learned circular needles or double pointed ones. I still might try for the hat though. I sure would prefer that over the hospital one. Since I'm making so much for baby i also have a few things lined up for the little dude.


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