Thursday, August 07, 2008

It's a..........

Time. Where does it go? I am horrible at blogging these days! My readership shows it lol. Thank you to you loyal ones who still stick around and comment.

Been trying to spend time outdoors and keep my energy level up enough to do so. This pregnancy is so different than it was last time. With LD i had energy. With this one, none, and that's with coffee (shame on me). I didn't drink any coffee with LD. Strange thing is this one is a lot more mellow in there. I guess baby likes coffee in the morning too (weak coffee and only a cup).

I'm about to ravage my fabric collection and start making things for my little baby which i now know the gender of. I sort of knew all along because I was charting things but it was a little bit up in the air. We already have the name. Weird because with LD we didn't have a final name selection due to my inlaws input. It changed everything and the hospital wouldn't release us until we finalized the name and we just couldn't decide. I still sometimes don't know if it was the right one lol. I left the final decision up to the hubby. Poor guy. I don't think we got home till midnight because i told him to just fill out the birth certificate application and that would be it. It took him hours. :-) And this time, we've already decided. I'm 100% absolutely sure that it will change because with LD we were 100% the whole way until the very end when my inlaws put in their two rupi's.

Wanna guess what it is?


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