Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Unless you are a mom (or dad) you may want to just skip over this post.

I woke up today with a crazy thought. Let's potty train. Yeah, no prep, no nothing just let's do it. I've been telling him for the last few weeks that he's going to stop wearing diapers and start going on the potty soon so he had a warning at least - i just didn't. I had underwear from last summer's attempt (where i learned to not get upset or show the slightest frustration because it will backfire and make you quit altogether). Then i didn't try again because it was too cold and then and then but i don't have any excuses now.

It's gone well today. Much better than i thought it would and how it went last summer. I haven't really been frustrated at all. He's done good but boy did i underestimate how many pairs of underwear would be needed for 8 hours of training. I had 10 and thought that was good!

I was planning to train him when my inlaws got here but then i started thinking that it would be too many hands in the kitchen or the equivalent thereof. Plus me and my mil have ideas on the best way to do things (like her thinking he should be trained at 12 months) and i really don't want to butt heads so i figured i'd get the show on the road today and maybe (ha ha) we could have it done by Sunday when they come. What i didn't forecast is that you really can't get anything else done while potty training. That is basically your day and i can't believe how fast today has gone by. So much for getting some things done around the house before they come.

I can say that the $1 i spent on the DVD Once Upon a Potty for boys was well worth it! That book and dvd have been of no interest to him but today he likes both. He was sitting there saying "for making wee wee and poo poo into" and saying it ever so seriously while waiting and waiting and waiting.

Any tips for potty training? We've yet to do number 2. I think he's gonna be stubborn on that one.


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