Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Such a frustrating day today. LD has a best friend here and they adore each other. He talks about him all the time and the teachers at his preschool always say how crazy it is how much they like each other and spend the entire time playing with each other. I've passed our number onto his parents and the teachers have tried to encourage his parents to have a playdate with LD but they just won't. It's so sad. It's the first kid that really gets LD (his sense of humor and activity level is just different from other kids) and likes LD as much as LD likes him which is a first. I think Joey actually likes him even more. When i dropped him off this morning, it was the first time they've seen each other in almost two weeks and Joey yelled his name and came running to him and they went running off. When i picked him up this afternoon he refused to leave crying out "I want Joey! I want Joey! I want Joey. Nooooooo!" He cried the entire way home and not a normal cry - that kind of cry that makes kids hyperventilate. It was horrible. He was crying from emotional pain and that just kills me.

These parents are annoying. Apparently, from what the teachers say, all they care about are his numbers, what he excels in, that he knows his abc's and can count to a hundred forwards and backwards etc. They go to a Montessori school which does not promote that type of attitude. I think this is why the two of them get along so well. LD loves to play and is active and really Montessori isn't for him i feel and i'm moving him next year to a different school for this reason. But Joey is this way too. They make each laugh so hard. LD says he loves Joey and he's his best friend. He even talked about him in France.

I just think it stinks that there's nothing that can be done and that these parents have to be so rigid with their kid. At first i thought there was an English barrier maybe since the parents are Korean but i don't think that's it and neither do the teachers. How do i explain to my kid why he will never see his best friend after this next week? It breaks my heart and i ended up crying with him on the way home. I pray to God he finds another kid he loves as much. He had a good friend in Atlanta too. Those are the only two kids he's ever really been friends with. He plays with other kids but they aren't "friends." At least LD's grandparents are coming for a month at the end of June. That'll give him some attention and hopefully ease the transition. I wonder if i should just make pictures of Joey disappear or should i keep them out? This parenting thing is tough.


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