Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thrifting Tuesday

I believe that everything will eventually end up in a thrift store. It's just being there at the right time and place. Today i got one of the things i've been scouting for - a train table. I've been patient...well that's not entirely true - i did scout craigslist and local ebay for weeks before giving up. Today i went thrifting at my favorite store since it's been several weeks and with the inlaws coming it will be several more weeks because thrifting is a no no in the family. I'm going to be placid this trip. Placid placid placid. Anyway i found the exact one i've wanted because it has drawers - bonus! And after it's a train table it could easily become a lego table etc. I saw it and i watched it like a hawk till i could get someone to put a sold sign on it. When i saw the price tag i almost fell over. $10. I've wanted one for him for a long time but couldn't see paying $100 plus for something so simple. Bigtime score for me because i'm sick of trains all over the floor and LD every five minutes asking me to "fix the circle" because the carpet or playrug has messed it up. He also likes to stand when playing trains so they are always all over different surfaces. He's been up there for over an hour now playing with it.

Here's other items on my thrift store/garage sale want list:

- sandbox with cover (the lobster one) or i'll get it end of season...it's not functionalable for us right this minute anyway or i'd get it now but we have to fix our deck problem first. I hate paying $50 for plastic. Just do.

- train table - wooo hoooooo, cross that puppy off!

- Friendship Pyrex set

- Slide

- play house


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