Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Two record breaking days in a row. It's a scorcher out there. And as I am always the brilliant mother, i ran into someone i met at the library when we first moved here last fall and after trying to call her a few times but receiving mailbox full messages each time, i left it alone and ran into her today. We were both so happy. I had been tempted to drop by her house or send her a postcard since she had given me her address but hubby said that was weird and i sort of agreed but alas, right as summer is starting we run into each other. I really liked her and her daughter is very sweet and the same age as LD. They held hands the whole way to the park (which is my brilliant mom moment). She doesn't drive so didn't have a car but asked what we were up to and i told her we were going to the park down the street, a two minute drive, and apparently a longgggg and hot ten minute walk with two two year olds on a busy road.

She's a very nice lady and i was actually sad that we didn't get in touch last fall and apparently she feels the same. We switched numbers again and already have plans together. I get along with some Indian women so well. The ones that are down to Earth, non-competitive, non-shopaholic, non-gossipy and she's just pure joy to be around - you can just tell.

I was hoping our social lives would pick up in the summer. I don't need many friends...just a few good ones and it's nice to get out and do things. My hubby works a lot so it's nice to get a little social time while kids play.

I'm feeling a lot better about the Joey situation now that there are some alternatives. I haven't talked about Joey at all but this morning when we got in the car and drove LD said "Ami, go this way. Want to see the kids. Want to see Joey. Mommy - this way!" But he let it go and moved on. This is the last week of school so it shouldn't go on too much longer. I wish he could have Joey too but i give up. I am leaving a note with my contact information and a final plea but there's nothing i can do.


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