Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We went strawberry picking for father's day and i've made three jars of jam, strawberry milkshakes, ate a bunch of them and still have a ton leftover. What can i say, none of us could stop picking them and i thought it would take more strawberries than it did to make jam. That's our haul in the picture. What can i make out of the rest of the strawberries? Has anyone made strawberry pie and is it good?

What a fun day. Little Dude was so happy. He was already a little tired when we got there but once he saw the for climbing hay pile, the goats, peacock, pigs, donkey and tractors he was ecstatic. He even rode the tractor train ride by himself. Couldn't believe that. He's growing up because i never let him out of my sight like that. I go with him on things but this was kids only. We then let him go on a pony ride by himself.

He loved the pigs and kept running to them but then would get there and run back saying plugging his nose and yelling "stinky!" "Stinky pigs. oink oink." LOL. That explains right there why we don't eat them kiddo. He hee hawed with the donkey and pet the goats. And out of pure love i let him eat a huge helping of homemade (their home, not ours ;-) strawberry ice cream for lunch and nothing else and an hour a half later another one.


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