Monday, July 21, 2008

Swap packages

So, finally i'm posting pictures of the awesome swap package Gulnari sent me. I went through it several times a day for about 3 days imagining what to make with each. I have ideas but haven't sewn for almost 2 months. Sad sad sad. Anyhow, here's the great package!

And everything together. She had wrapped everything in cute fabric with fabric ties which i will use too. What a great package! I love the pin cushion she made. So much bigger and fuller than the one i have. Love the tablecloth too. The work that went into that! That was the thrifted item (if you remember it was a thrifted, gifted and made thing made, one thing thrifted or gifted and then whatever craft supplies you wanted to pass on). I love the fabric and there's so much more there that you can't see. I have a few more photo's in my flikr but the kiddo won't let me do anything anymore (grandparents spoiled him with attention and now he won't spend two minutes alone). I have him "washing dishes" right now. Which means i have a big mess to go clean up once i hit publish. Thanks Gulnari! I love everything you sent and once i find out what i'm having i'm gonna start sewing! You are a sweety!

I also got a swap package from Amy. That post will have to come in a few days because i hear chaos coming from the kitchen. :-)


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