Monday, June 23, 2008

i hope...

Umm Zahra tagged me and i had forgot about it. Sorry so late!


1. ON your blog, post the Rules & 10 things you have HOPE for in your life.

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I hope to live a healthy long life.

I hope my son grows up to be a thoughtful, peaceful, loving human being.

I hope to have more children and live to see them grow and have children. And I hope my son's family stays in tact with family more than mine did/does. I hope he will have close relationships with his siblings, parents, grandparents and children. I hope he'll always be happy and will have his gutteral laugh that everyone loves so much.

I hope to be a better Muslim and to teach my son to be a good Muslim (boy i could write a whole post on what that specifically means to me).

I hope my mom finds peace and forgives herself before she dies. Time is closing in for her and i pray every prayer that her last days will be spent in peace.

I hope i make through this week of potty training. Boy has it gone uphill.

I hope to make hajj and ziayarat. And i hope to do it with my son. And husband of course.

I hope that the world's view of Muslims changes. I'm tired of the negativity inflicted on us out of pure ignorance. Even in my own family, Muslims are considered terrorists. It pains me and seperates me from my family on so many levels because i never feel like i can be myself around them. I find it sad that in our will if anything ever happens to us, he will not be raised by family. I can also never leave my son with my family alone because i don't trust them. Such a simple thing as not eating pork incites them to wave bacon in front of me and to tell little dude that he will get to taste it one day with them. Just pathetic. And i just have to ask why does it bother them so much that i don't eat pork. I tried to explain that Muslims aren't the only ones that have this rule, that it's in the Torah, the Bible and the Qur'an. But still, we are backwards because we have such strict rules. I hope one day they just let it be and respect my wishes as i respect theirs. Never do i tell them how to live their lives.

I hope to move back to Colorado one day. I miss it so. There is no place so beautiful with such wonderful weather in my opinion.

I hope this world wakes up one day and opens its eyes to all of humanity and people find a way to make peace out of all the chaos. Not so the world is more sustainable or so we can live longer but so the human race is united in compassion. Everything in life branches out from compassion. When people have compassion they want for others, they are selfless and they naturally do what's right for the earth, other people and themselves.

I’m not tagging anyone specifically but would love to know if you do it so i can read it.


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