Saturday, July 05, 2008


Been busy over here. Inlaws here. LD is pretty much potty trained. Wasn't as bad as i thought. A few days of messes but now he even tells us if he has to go and is wearing a diaper. A whole drive to NYC and back too. Number 2 is an issue but it looks like overall i won't be changing diapers for about 6 months. Why 6 months? Well, that's when our newest little family member will insh'Allah join the family.

Yep, after a long wait and some issues we are finally having another. Little Dude couldn't be more happy, but only if it's a girl. He really really wants a girl and if i even bring up a boy, he says "no, mommy. a little sister. Little sister!" We'll see lol.

Kinda of a surprise this one. My doctor had told me it was impossible to get pregnant on our own and if I did I would probably lose it. Two weeks later I realized I was pregnant. Goes to show the power of prayer and God's will and how little man knows about these things alhamdulillah. I was afraid of losing it so have kept mum but now that the skirmy little one is moving about and sucking its thumb so contentedly I feel much better. I have been so sick with this one and eating the weirdest things - pineapple and jalapeno pizza and mayo and pickle sandwiches to name a few.

I figured I'd share my pregnancy this time...last time we kept it secret until Little Dude entered the world afraid of evil eye but we're more relaxed this time. Please do prayers for our family. Please also do some prayers for Lubna's mom who is not well.


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