Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day at the beach

LD has always been afraid of the ocean but for the past few weekends we've driven there to spend an afternoon one day a weekend and i finally coaxed him into touching the water. Here's a few pictures of the afternoon...

First we dug in the sand which he has always loved. While digging a moat for our castle we dug up this creature. Thought it was a crab but had no idea after looking at it good.

I finally got him to the water where he'd run from the waves. I convinced him by showing how fun it was to splash along the edge. Once he warmed up to it he really loved the water and we couldn't get him to leave. I was beginning to worry he wasn't my son because the ocean has always been my favorite place to be. I was never afraid of the water.

Searching for seashells is how we spend most of our time at the beach but this was the first time he would touch the wet sand and water. Before he would be carried and tell us which ones to pick up.

We went late in the afternoon so the beach had started clearing out. The seagulls were busy catching and eating dinner and were bringing huge crabs and mussels to the shore, eating the insides and leaving the shells behind. We had a ton of fun collecting the shells. In tact and unbroken. How they caught them perplexed us - they were so huge. And how they opened them without breaking is curious too.

Pail half full of dead jellyfish.

"Squishy mommy squishy te he he!"

We then passed the hand sanitizer around, washed our hands, ate dinner, went to the boardwalk and then a long drive home where we hit construction and all slept like babies. This was one of the further beaches but nicer than the others we've been to. Definately will be going there for a whole weekend sometime.


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