Friday, August 08, 2008

Does this help?

little feet washcloth
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I knit this little feet (can you see them?) a few weeks ago being pretty sure we were having a girl. Still not very good at knitting (or fast) but getting better.
And i've been semi working on this blanket but will go full speed ahead on it now. :-)

Originally uploaded by wayfarer

If those don't help clear it up, this one might.

Antique toy high chair. I tore the icky fabric off, cleaned it up, sunned it, and am going to make a new ruffle and pad for it. Ah, can't wait for the girly stuff. Funny i always thought i'd just have boys. Never thought about the girly stuff. Now I'm seeing that it's going to be a LOT of fun. MashAllah.

(the suitcase will be a nursing suitcase - filled with various activities in bags for LD. I have a list of things to put in there all designed to take about 20 minutes. No hands on help needed from mom but verbal assistance can be offered as needed. I figure he'll get needed attention when he needs/wants it but will be occupied at the same time. Later it will be filled with dress up supplies.)


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