Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I'm trying to create traditions for our family for Ramadan, Muharram, etc. I'll share some as i come up with them. I think it's important to make our holidays stand out at home. When i came to Islam, the first thing i missed was traditions and the fun of holidays.

Islam by nature doesn't have the bells and whistles that American holidays do nor does it need to, but i think for kids it's fun and important to have traditions and memories of special family times centered around belief and family. I want him to feel proud of his faith. I read in a Jeffrey Lang book that 80% of American Muslims and second generation Muslim youth lose their religion. They say "my parents are Muslim" etc. and don't identify with the faith. I am hoping that by creating traditions, my kids will not lose that part of their identity.

Here is one simple thing i've done so far and will now continue to do each year. Made LD some "moonsighting" pajamas for Ramadan. I had planned to make us a matching pair since it was from a sheet with plenty of fabric and because he loves it when he matches one of us. My big ole pregnant self didn't fit in my pair which i mismeasured. Sad cause now i don't have enough to make them so i'm debating on making a capri pair for me or keep the fabric for another pair next year for him and matching ones for his little sis (insh'Allah).

As soon as he saw these (they took all of 15 minutes to make) he wanted them on and on they remain. :-) Love that he loves the things i make for him. He keeps saying "moon, stars and POLKaaaaa dots!"


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