Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Been sick

I hate getting sick when pregnant. It lasts foreveeeeer and it's worse than normal and you can't do anything about it but whine which i've been doing plenty of. I feel like my head is going to explode.

We've had some fun this week though too. Hopefully i'll post pictures soon. Nature walks, fall crafts, some thrifting, some cooking and some harvesting. We finally went apple picking and tomato picking. With a fasting husband and such warm weather we've put it off until now but i couldn't wait any longer. I love our fall apple picking days. Making apple pies, applesauce etc. Pumpkin one will be lots of fun this year since little dude is seriously wanting to pick some pumpkins. We told him next weekend.

I did a little solstice thing without even realizing it was the soltice the other day. We had brought home eggs, zucchini and some other things from the farm and i made a harvest meal - potato and zucchini soup, corn muffins and deviled eggs and fresh pressed apple juice (okay, you got me on the apple juice lol, it was straight out of a bottle). Funny how solstice worked out that way. I don't normally do any solstice activities except talk about it (how the days change, seasons change) with ld. But i guess my body is in tune right now with God nature.

I've also been working on a few knitting things. I can't sew seams together though. I have no idea how. Any tips?

And on the preschool front. I resorted to bribery and guilt gifts to get ld to stop crying while there. He still gets up in the morning those two mornings sad and pouty and almost in tears but he puts his brave face on to go to school and once done he's happy. Today was the first time he was actually happy when i picked him up. The teacher said "he didn't say anything or cry about you today!" Oh yay. That makes me feel lovely. Do you know you are talking to a hormonal weeping at anything pregnant woman? No, i'm happy but ugh, that put a dark little hole in the corner of my heart. He says he wants to go every day now lol. Yeah right. That's real funny. Like i'm going to wrestle him into the car 5 days a week. REAL funny. I got him to stop crying by following these conditions (premeditated and first thought of by me, now enforced by ld):

- Must go to school with teddy in arms (he's never been attached to this bear and he's not at home but i gave him to him one morning to go to school with him and i told him if he gets lonely or sad for mommy to give him a hug. He carries the thing around with him all day at school. They can't pry it away from him).
- A picture of our family at the farm must be present and visible at school
- There must be a tissue in each pocket of his pants for his tears. (this one makes the teachers laugh but he was getting real upset because they didn't know what to do to get him to stop crying or what to do when he was done crying. He needed his tears wiped. Mommy does this for him.) Yes, he is my first born and he is spoiled and he is a mommy's boy and that is all fine by me. If his tears don't get wiped, he gets so upset.
- On one day after school we go out for doughnuts, the other for pizza, both walking distance from home and school.
- On nice days we walk to school. I think this one helped the most. I explained how all the kids go to school and since his school is right near the elementary school, he sees all kinds of kids rushing to school. This walk to school varies between being nervous, sad, happy, scared, and excited. Too much to think about to cry. And again, it makes him feel brave and big to do the things the big kids are doing.

Long list of requirements. :-) I just want him happy. He is a homebody and he's happiest with momma. He's sad going to school and it makes him a little nervous in the morning. He doesn't tend to sleep well or eat well on those mornings but the afternoons are good and since the cooler weather is slowly coming we have returned to doing crafts in the afternoon instead of playing outside. He likes "making crafts" as he says.

It's so weird that he says he wants to go to school more. Talk about mixed feelings. He likes a girl there and i think that's what makes him want to go more but i think the reality would be different. 3 year olds are so much more complex than 2 year olds and it only starts there. My little boy is growing so big in front of me. Even his little 3t jeans are big boy pants, no longer the little boy ones. Makes me so happy and so sad. I need more of these little people around to keep my busy from thinking about how fast they grow!


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