Monday, September 15, 2008

stress free fall

Once i cleaned up after little dude's party last night, i felt tingly all over and realized it was the stress melting away. For the first time in months I slept almost soundly waking only three times - usually to shift LD to the other side of the bed from on top of me. The kid is like a cat. Must be wrapped around me and tangled in my hair.

But still, it was good sleep. He's 3 tomorrow and 3 isn't looking like fun from the signs of the past week. S-T-U-B-B-O-R-N to the nth degree. I thought he was strong headed before but now he just irrational. I can't make him sleep, i can't make him eat. I can only hope and play mind games.

At least i don't have all that other stress going on anymore. I began going through pictures to print for scrapbooking, i revisited my sewing room and gathered the things needed to finish a few projects off and to begin a few, i didn't do anything during LD's nap today but laze around. So needed. Tomorrow we'll do something special. Either go to the train museum or Crayola Factory and then go apple picking for the first time this year. We're late because it's been too hot. But i'm looking forward for the next six weeks or so of picking each weekend and making applesauce, apple pies, etc. Love apple season. It's become a tradition ever since we moved here. It helps that we have several farms minutes from our house.

Fall is finally here. My favorite season. Love the colors, the temperature, my son's birthday, the hominess of it. All of it. I was looking through our fall pictures last year and just smiled. Happy fall!


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