Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I finally finally started reviewing that beast of a book and have a rough draft and looked through the 700 pages at my notes, underlinings and exclamation points. Slavery was horrible. Just horrible. I have always thought so but now i see it in a whole different light and I'm glad. I'm blog more on it later.

I'm glad i finally got going on it. I was inspired when i realized that this is quite possibly the last time i have to procrastinate like this. From this point forward, i only have to procrastinate at home (you know, dishes, laundry, etc and well my family is kind of broken in that way and it's not stressful like writing procrastination). I have a feeling i'll never write the novel i long to write lol.

I feel a weight lifted and it should be pretty easy to get draft one done tomorrow during LD's nap time and then tomorrow night draft 2 and then next nap time final one done. Then i can have fun again....get back to nesting and cleaning house and the long list of craft projects i have lined up. My husband must like it when i'm pregnant because it's the only time i really love to clean. Scary. It's like a sickness. I also want to get caught up on my son's scrapbook which is like 2 years behind. oops. That's probably my biggest goal before baby. Oh great, now i'm all stressed out again thinking about that. I'm full of energy from the chocolate i've been consuming while writing and not at all tired yet it is half past 12 and the little rugrat will be up at 6:30 for an early reading of Jamberry - his favorite book for -dare i say it -years now, which immediately after reading requires a real breakfast of jamberries - a rather newish trend that i started a few months ago. Better try to sleep although the baby keeps kicking me for more chocolate. Oh okay little one, one more, then it's bedtime. See i even procrastinate bedtime. No wonder my son has such bad habits.


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