Saturday, October 18, 2008


loving the leaf pile
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Lately Little Dude says to me a lot "i want to go to a garage sale" and he's gotten good at seeing the signs for them. My husband says I've corrupted the kid. :-) Today he woke up and said "Today we go to the library and sing songs, then we make craft, then we go to garage sales. Then sleep and make craft."

Wood wagon/shopping cart/whatever you want it to be. I like this thing - it's strong, well built and can be used for whatever the mind conjures - now i can get rid of the plastic stroller and can forget about getting the grocery cart he so wanted - this works for it all! Love toys that let the mind make what they will out of them. It's been a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins, a tractor full of corn, a baby stroller, a shopping cart, a lawnmower, and a wagon, all in one evening. $5

Two Jan Brett books, a book about castles and knights and a book about a farmer. $1

garage sale finds
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Box full of play food, dishes, etc. Donated 2/3's of it already but the remaining third has been cleaned by him, played with and one pan made homemade crayons. $3

making crayons
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Finding a pile of leaves to jump in for no less than an hour and a dog to watch it all. Priceless.

Find Little Dude
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Fall is here! The leaves are bursting with color all around. Am hoping to go for a nice drive this weekend and take it all in while finishing off that pumpkin hat.


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