Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conversations with the little man

LD is quite the conversationalist and his vocabulary is getting amazing. Here's a few from this week.
At the playground yesterday.

LD: Look at the school i built!
Me: (looking at the pile of sand) That's so cool. Should we add a playground?
(We take sticks and make a slide and people etc)
LD: (he takes a few sticks and places them under the building) That's the pipes filled with water. Goes to the river.

I swear he's going to be an engineer. He's always thinking about things like this. The insides of stuff. Richard Scarry is by far his favorite author for this reason.

In the car on the way home from a nature walk the other day.

Me: Look how full the moon is tonight!
LD: What's it full of?
Me: (laughing a little) It's full of light.
LD: And people?
Me: There's no people in there. Just light. See how it makes the sky glow all around it.
LD: Makes it blue.
Me: Yup. My favorite color of blue!
LD: Mine too. (pause) I want to go there!
Me: Where?
LD: To the moon!
Me: We can't go to the moon silly. How would we get there?
LD: We take a space shuttle. Mommy Daddy Little Dude will take a space shuttle to the moon and see what's inside.

I so love him in these moments. He thinks i can make anything happen. The other day he said "i want to be an airplane for halloween and i told him i don't think they make an airplane costume. He told me I can make it. He truly believes i can make anything and i can fix anything. I love the magic of that.

out of the blue over the weekend

LD: When i grow up i'm going to be a farmer.
Me: You are? (no, you will never grow up you hear me!)
LD: I make corn. I keep some. I take some to the store!
Me: Cool!
LD: I ride the tractor!
Me: Can i live with you on your farm?
LD: Of course!
Me: Can we have some animals?
LD: yeah!
Me: Can i still make you dinner?
LD: Yeah.
LD: Daddy! I'm going to be a farmer when i grow up!

very very very early in the morning Monday (apparently he reconsidered being a farmer)

LD: Mommy!
Me: hmmmmmmmmmmm (eyes still closed)
LD: Mommy!
Me: yeah?
LD: When i grow up i want to be fireman. With a hose and water. And a biiiiiiig firetruck with a siren and lights.
Me: You're not going to be a farmer now?
LD: I'm going to be a fireman when i grow up.
the end


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