Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Contact paper lamination!

contact paper lamination!
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I am probably way more excited about this than i should be but did you know you can laminate anything with contact paper? You can buy it by the roll at the dollar store.

This was my first thing to laminate. A puzzle set. The box had four puzzles in it mixed together and the cover showed the four different puzzles but who wants to take the time to seperate out the pieces and begin. Not us. I took the cover of the box, copied it, cut out each picture, laminated them and put each puzzle in it's own bag. I did this to all his little box puzzles too. Now we have a basket with all the different puzzles in one place. Much better and less clutter.

Next up.......i'm going to make some fake money with little dude's picture as president. Fun!


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