Thursday, October 23, 2008


After two months of preschool, today, October 23rd, 2008, Little Dude did not cry when i brought him in. He also forgot to ask me for a tissue for each pocket and his bear (although i brought his bear just in case). He happily waved goodbye, blew me a thousand kisses, followed me down the hall asking "are you going to the store? i need oranges and grapes and a surprise." "Okay my little sweet. Will do!" It felt so good to walk out of there without hearing "NO! My mommy. Hold me mommmy. I want my mommy! Come baaaaaack!" I have been planning on taking him out after this month and just keep him at home although i truly felt he needed social time with other kids. If it stays like this i'm going to keep him in. I'm just too weak for this parenting thing. Yesterday he said "I want my baby now." I have also begun working on his scrapbook and he's liking seeing the pages come together and hear the stories. My plan was to have it done by baby's arrival for those jealous/i'm not loved/i need attention moments. I'm hoping it will ease the burden of hours upon hours of nursing that he'll have to deal with.


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