Sunday, October 26, 2008


We were about to put up wallpaper border in baby's room, the extra roll we bought when we bought the set for little dude. We bought this set because it was neutral and we could use it for boy or girl but now i think it looks boyish, not sure if it's because it's "little dude" and i'm biased or if it's because there's a part of me that wants to do the room very girly. It's a really nice set and we have all the trimmings for it - light switch, night light, robe hangers etc.

One benefit of using the neutral set is if we end up having one more like i want and it's a boy, he could move right in and baby could get a toddler room that's girly girl. She'd only use it for two years anyway. It seems like a waste not to use this perfectly good set but there's that part of me wanting to make it girly. I could easily do a pink hamper , get a girly mobile, etc.

What do you think? Too boyish? Or does it just say baby and i'm being a pain?

BTW, this is his old room in atlanta, not the one here.


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