Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apparently animals like us

Today.........perfect for LD since all fall i have been trying to find a fuzzy caterpillar for him. We found one at the farm but when we went to get snacks, he left. Probably too much love from the little dude. He begged me to find another so he could see it.

Well, today, at the bottom, and i mean bottom, of my laundry basket, perched on little dude's sweatpants from last week was a huge fuzzy caterpillar. I thought it was a burr, not unnatural since we go on lots of nature walks and he wore these pants on our last one. I went to brush it off and i think, it sure does look like a caterpillar! And it was. It's big! About an inch and a half. I think it's this guy right here so this just might be something really cool for the little dude to do this winter!

Thankfully, we had a little bug catching container in the laundry room for fireflys and i put him in there with a leaf. When he woke from his nap i said "i have a surprise for you!" He said, with bright happy eyes "fabric!?" He thought i made him something. So freaking cute that he loves the stuff i make for him. I'm so making him pants tonight. Over the weekend, i made something each day since we were supposed to leave town and didn't and i had the time. I made him an airplane pillowcase to match his room, beanbags to play with and an apple appliqued apple picking t shirt for next fall since it wasn't done in time for this fall. So of course he would expect something made of fabric. You must hear the way he says "fabric" though. So cute. I had him close his eyes and walked him over. He is thrilled. His only complaint is that the caterpillar won't play cars with him. He does however talk which makes little dude very happy. They are having a heck of a conversation right now.

Okay, three posts in one day. I usually do three posts in a month lol. Must be the snow.

Oh, i did say, "animals like us". That's because this weekend we have found a few mice in the garage. All i can say is thank God it's the garage and not the house because i don't do mice. Mice and snakes are never cute. Ever. And this comes from someone who had a pet rat as a kid. I can't believe that. Freaks me out now. Thank God that's hubby's problem and not mine. I haven't set foot in the garage since i heard about the incidents.


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