Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Look at the lovliness i got in the mail! and some felting yarn to boot! Her pictures are much better than what mine would be ... Thanks Robyn. We loved everything! I really love that hat. I can't even believe she made it! And that tote is perfect for carrying my yarn projects. Right now it's carrying two. The dress is adorable and can't wait till baby girl wears it. Probably soon. She's one chunky monkey. I got her a bunch of tights and baby legs and it'll look darling with one of the pairs. Good stuff.

And on the note of gifts. I got an email about how i was being sort of shallow about the blanket and in my defense i just wanted to say that had anyone else given me this, i would have been appreciative but it was the friend that was supposed to watch LD while giving birth to BG and backed out at the last moment. After not talking for nearly 4 months i called her and asked if they wanted to come over. She never once called to check on us or to see how the delivery went. Nothing. This was the first time seeing her and i just thought the whole thing was tacky but i wanted to fix things mostly for LD because he loves her daughter. They are a perfect fit. Last week it got worse as i saw her getting competitive with a very good friend of mine. What to do when your child likes another but the moms are a bad fit? I don't know. She wants to get together more and it really is a bit of a struggle for me.

This was supposed to be a happy post soooo....

I also got this cute hat from Gori in the Kitchen. Love. :-) It fits her perfect now and will easily fit her next year. Too cute! Bonus is that it makes her mohawk a flyaway mohawk. Nothing cuter than that! I love the colors too. She's going to wear this today for our walk. Thanks Cindi!


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