Friday, December 19, 2008

Very near....

It was a crazy intense day yesterday. I was running a few errands (getting presents in the mail etc) and i felt some serious cramping. Picked the little man up from preschool and headed to the hospital. Nothing regular enough so they sent me home but they told me not to walk, or do anything really because i was so close and because my husband was in NYC yesterday. They told me they would probably see me overnight although the doctor really wanted to induce right then since i'm so ready and getting closer to 5 cm and much more effaced. They said when i reach five they won't let me go home. We changed my inlaws tickets to Sunday the other day but I have a feeling they aren't going to make it. I was trying to finish that quilt for the storm today but the contractions were so intense i couldn't. You should see the messy binding job lol. That'll be a story for my girl. Anywaaaay, to make matters worse the one friend that is here right now backed out of being our backup for LD. She said "with it being this time of year, i just can't commit to being there for you right now." The friendship ended there. Loyalty is huge to me. I would be there for my neighbor who i don't even know on any day of the year if she was in need for this sort of thing. That's just the type of person I am. I don't have a lot of friends because i tend to want friends who treat me how i treat them but the friends i make tend to be good. I don't have that many here yet. My better friends are all in India right now. It looks like I'll be delivering the baby on my own. Sad my husband won't be able to witness it. It's probably going to be today or tomorrow. With the storm, i'm sure it'll happen at 3 am when the roads are icy. Sooo, there was no resting yesterday. LD missed his nap which made the rest of the day useless for both of us, but today, while he sleeps and it snows i'm going to finish the quilt so he can have it to snuggle under when he wakes up and we can read our winter books and relax with cozy time. I'm betting though, when that last stitch is in, we'll have blast off. Keep us in your thoughts please!


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