Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we have lift off

Well the doctor says i'm ready to go any second and they probably won't need to induce because baby is on her way. She said the next thing that will happen is labor or my water breaking because i'm already 4 cm and 50% effaced. I know this energy burst this past week was something because i knocked out my list and another list after that. I've gotten everything done besides christmas cards in the mail (gift cards being picked up tonight so that should be done tomorrow) and my hospital bag packed. I got little dude's done and it's so cute. Love it. The quilt is done except the binding. My husband picked up the wrong size but the right size is being picked up now so that should be done tonight or tomorrow. I imagine as soon as i get these three things done, i just might go into labor. She kept stressing to me that if i get consistent contractions to not mess around because she's betting this labor is going to go fast the way i'm progressing and the hospital is 30 minutes away. Too bad my doctor is out of town until the 21st so it will be the oncall doctor if it does happen now.

My brilliant husband scheduled a meeting 4 hours away in RI for Saturday and just now told me about it. I told him he better not go. We don't know anyone here to really rely on. I'm freaking out now. I wish my inlaws could come early because it looks like i'll be delivering this baby on my own with no hubby in the room because he's going to have to stay with ld and they don't allow kids in the rooms. They don't think i'll make it until Monday let alone the 25th. But we'll see. I was told with LD the same thing and he never came on his own but i do feel different this time too.


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