Wednesday, December 10, 2008

and all was right in the world again...

I saw my chunky monkey today. And she IS a chunky one. They wanted to do an ultrasound since i haven't had one since 4 months and to estimate size. Funny little one kept opening and closing her mouth while playing peek a poo with her hand. She has the chunkiest cheeks I've ever seen. It seriously looks like she's got a cheek full of something. Too funny. Now I can't wait to see her for real and hold her. I'm happy to see she's a healthy active little one though. InshAllah. She was making us all laugh with her mouth going a mile a minute. Another nonstop talker?

And.........I was able to retrieve most of the pictures. I know it shouldn't matter so much to me, but it does. I thought they were gone gone but luckily the photo editing program i have saves versions of them and i was able to get the uncorrupted ones. Better than nothing. I'm really trying to catch up on his book before baby comes so we can look through it during long nursing sessions those early months. He's been so happy to see the pages i finish and it would give us some nice time together.


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