Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lovely news.

Doctor: Wow.
Me: Hmmm?
Doctor: You're measuring big. How big was your son?
Me: 9 lbs, 4.5 oz
Doctor: Wow. Looks like she's going to be the same. She's put some pounds on in the last two weeks.
Me: Yeah i thought so.
Doctor: Did you have problems delivering him?
Me: Oh yeah! Broken tailbone, dislocated hip, lots of tearing, vacuum, forceps, prolapse, physical therapy for a year, his poor little head all bruised up. I fought a c section tooth and nail.
Doctor: We may want to induce if she keeps growing so fast.
Me: (sigh)

deja vu!

I waddle out of the building looking forward to hours of tortuous labor again. I actually do look forward to it. There's something beautiful in that pain. Don't get me wrong, i will take the epidural first chance it's offered unlike the last time where i kicked myself for two hours for saying "i think i'm okay. i'll pass." Yeah, not this time. I'm taking it right off. It'll wear off by the pushing anyway like last time i'm sure. I'm also blessed with long labors. Thanks Mom. Feeling your tailbone break while a big head makes its way into the world is not fun. Good thing the feeling of my beautiful boy's wet body soaking through the hospital gown to my stomach crying "illa illa illa" knocked all pain away as i got lost in him. Well until i tried to walk. But the pushing. The pushing was fun. I do remember yelling at everyone. It went something like this. Boy's head was stuck. Really stuck. I'm pushing with everything i have and i keep hearing "push! push! push!push harder!" I lost it, and yelled "I AM PUSHHHHHHING!!!!!!!!" as i gave a big push. I heard a lot of laughter which i didn't think was funny at all. I opened my eyes, wondered where all the people came from and there came my beautiful boy. I can't wait to push this baby out too. I really do think that pain is beautiful and kind of fun. I feel like a martyr.

I knew I was gaining weight fast now because people quit saying "you don't look 7 months!" etc. I was hopeful she would be a bit smaller but it looks like another nine pounder heading our way. At least she'll have meat on her bones and insh'Allah be nice and healthy and chubby like Little Dude. Nursing her will beef her up even more. Lots of chubbiness to nibble on through the winter.


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