Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Go Obama!

This is an exciting year for elections. The two are so distinctly different. I don't think there's any question to who I'm voting for since I don't like McCain and especially don't like Palin. I'm actually excited for Obama. He's so different than anyone else we've had run for president. The other years, I was voting to avoid Bush but this year I actually WANT the Democrat. I think it's cool too that this is a historical election and something I'll be able to discuss with my kids when they are older. It is really big and for the first time I'm actually emotional about the election and hopeful for this country. I'm ready for peace which i think we have more of a chance with Obama. My vote is for nonviolence and understanding - that war and stubborness is not the solution. I'm ready for a grown up to run this country and no more hotheads with tempers. I want to be proud of my country again. I'm ashamed of how we've treated the rest of the world. Yeah, Obama won't fix it all but it'll be the start of a movement i hope towards peace and understanding.

Get out there and vote! And you can get a free cup of Starbucks coffee after. We're going to Dunkin' Donuts after for sprinkly donuts per LD's request. It's walking distance while Starbucks isn't.

Little Dude is running around saying "We're going to Obama soon!" He was there with me when i voted in the primaries and when he sees him on tv he always points him out. He calls McCain a ghost. lol. He's excited to go vote today although he has no idea what it's about. :-)

Still sick over here. LD is getting better it seems while I seem to be getting worse and now hubby has a touch of it now. The house is disinfected though and the laundry done. Not folded but done. I also embroidered a few things yesterday for baby that I am absolutely in love with. Will take a picture this afternoon and post.


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