Monday, November 03, 2008

Germs germs everywhere

I took little dude to the pediatrician on Friday because he's had a cough for over two weeks. They said a week ago that it was just allergies. I let it go because there were no other symptoms and so that indeed seemed to be the culprit. Until i started coughing and wheezing too. Bronchitis for both of us, a touch of pneumonia for him. Insh'Allah i won't get that because that's very dangerous for pregnant women although i think i'm headed that way. My lungs ache from coughing and i've been contracting all weekend - i hope from lack of sleep. They gave little dude some medicine, a nebulizer, etc. He spent much of the weekend throwing up. Every quilt, blanket and sheet in this house have been in rotation, within 8 hours. Took him back yesterday and they said it was a reaction to the medicine. Lovely. He's not used to medication. We use homeopathic for almost everything. He's finally a bit better. I'm miserable. Lots to clean today. Send some good thoughts this way today please. We're all feeling worn out and a bit miserable between this nasty stuff and lack of sleep.

On a side note, the pediatrician said it was okay to go trick or treating (this was before the real sickness set in) and since he's been so excited to go i took him. Hindsight this was a mistake. But this kid LOVES Halloween. He keeps saying "I don't like Christmas, i just like Halloween." I think because he keeps seeing Christmas stuff start to go up and Halloween stuff coming down. He doesn't want it to end. To keep him comfortable and warm i just put him in some of his dress up bin clothes - he ended up being a very cute surgeon in scrubs his size. I did figure out how to do the airplane but it would have been cumbersome for walking around the neighborhood we did. Huge houses with huge yards. He had a blast trick or treating with his best bud though. I think they had more fun with flashlights and trying to find acorns, bugs and leaves in the dark than trick or treating. Pretty funny. Speaking of which, while trick or treating we found another fuzzy caterpillar so now we have two! One is already beginning to hibernate...little man keeps waking him up though which i'll have to stop soon but it's quite cute to see him be so gentle and loving with them. He takes them on train rides and has long conversations with him about all sorts of things.

Okay, off to sanitize this house!


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