Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Year of Mornings 16

A Year of Mornings 16
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I finished the red and white quilt top and really want to get stitching it but it's not going to happen today. Busy day today. School, doctor, birthday party, grocery shopping. I will get the back pieced (just 3 pieces but still that takes time) and then hopefully get stitching tomorrow. LD keeps asking if it's done yet. He loves the patterns and fabrics on here and keeps asking for it lol. That's what got me doing it so quick. It was a hard one to piece because of the different fabrics and the jersey kept messing things up. It's far from perfect but we all love it and can't wait to cuddle under it. It's the biggest i've made so far.

I've been thinking about a quilt for baby but couldn't find fabrics i liked. I think i need to see her and feel her before I can choose fabric for her. BUT, i saw this pattern and love the whimsical nature of it. I remembered some 2 inch reproduction feedsack squares i scored off Ebay several months ago that i planned on using for the sampler quilt i started but never finished and thought, yup. This pattern is much more involved, time speaking, than i really wanted or have time for but i'm doing it anyway. Hand cutting and pattern tracing. Ick. And to find out a quarter of the way through that i had the template i made faced wrong and had to start over. Double ick. And the fact that LD said "I want to help. These fabrics are pretty!" and I said "no" plain and simple but when i left him alone for a few minutes he took the scissors and DIDN'T help by cutting some of my finished and favorite pieces that i only had enough fabric for those few pieces so now i'm short of prints.

When he saw me see what he had done he looked so sad. He knew he did something that would really upset me. I didn't holler or put him on the naughty rug so he knew how upset i was. It's funny that he knew i was emotionally upset and not angry - that he knows the difference. He said "i'm sorry mommy." Sigh. I know how he loves fabric and scissors and he wants to be just like me. He's always saying "mommy, i'm making a craft, just like you!" How can i stay mad you know. The kid is addicted to scissors and glue. And he is so sure of himself and his abilities that he will find a way to do want he wants. I am going to put a quilting kit for him so he can glue pieces of fabric on paper and make a quilt. With his own special quilting scissors. Should make him happy.

But regardless of all that, i'm loving the fabrics, double love the pattern and can't wait to find some polka dot fabric around to back it with. Such a sweet pattern. Let's hope i can get it done.


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