Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mean People Suck

We have had a lot of burglaries in our neighborhood these past two weeks. It's making me nervous. When we moved here from Atlanta, I felt so safe. In Atlanta I never felt safe, not one moment. I remember when women were getting mugged who had small children. Men would hold them up at gunpoint as they were trying to put their kids in the car. This was at my local grocery store that i shopped at. I know people are having a hard time this time of year and probably want a nice holiday for their family but it makes me so mad that they feel they can do this at another's expense. I would easily hand over money to someone asking for it in need but when people violate my home, my space and my personal belongings it is another thing. I have been working on my photos a lot lately and keep the hard drive attached to my laptop. Now before leaving my house I have to be sure to unplug it because it would kill me if that got taken with my computer. I could care less about the computer but that hard drive would seriously put me over the edge. They are moving closer and closer to our house. It scares me having little one(s) in the house. And my inlaws too who will be here soon. Hopefully it will stop after Christmas. Mean people seriously suck. I always felt so safe here. Sort of like we were living in a bubble but as all bubbles do, mine just got popped.


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