Saturday, December 13, 2008

To do.

1. Finish quilting quilt. Need it to cover couch from spitup.
2. Make 4 pairs of pajamas for Little Dude. The boy is growing like a weed now!
3. Clean fridge, flush with baking soda and water.
4. Cook two weeks of meals for freezer so inlaws don't have to worry about food for first week or two.
5. Clean out closets. Get donations together and dropped off.
6. Finish printing and organizing 3 years of photos on hard drive.
7. Get LD's scrapbook halfway done. at least.
8. Oil change, winterize car.
9. Laundry.
10. Find all marbles and magnets and lock up.
11. Pack hospital bag.
12. Make Little Dude's hospital bag. I'm making an art bag with a few surprises to keep him occupied in the waiting room.
13. Mail Christmas cards and gift cards. No shopping this year. Just gift cards and two homemade gifts for the grandparents. Keeping it easy.

I know there's more but this is what i plan on getting done this weekend. Wish me luck!


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