Thursday, December 18, 2008


1. Relax
2. Bind Quilt
3. Finish packing hospital bag. Drop off preregistration forms i promptly filled out at 30 weeks and found yesterday unmailed. Eek.
4. Relax some more during LD's naptime.
5. Drink some eggnog. Love eggnog. She does too. Feel those kicks some more before they leave my body.
6. Send out Christmas cards and gifts. Love what i made for my dad. Will show soon.
7. Make sure they have my information for my cord blood donation. I wish i would have donated it the last time. I didn't realize that was an option. I think of the Qur'an verse about how saving one life is like saving all of humanity. Feels good to think I could help out a child or adult. We should probably bank it ourself but it's a hefty fee and I read that it only works in the amount taken a percentage of the time. But with a bank it could actually save lives for sure. Like that.
8. Sit in the glider and wait for my little girl and knit away.


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