Thursday, December 18, 2008

LD's Hospital bag

LD's Hospital bag
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Filled with lots of goodies, art supplies, and prezzies to keep him busy during hospital visits while I'm giving labor and the day after. I think it's more of a gift to my inlaws (if they make it for delivery as planned) to keep him occupied.

After it will be his busy bag. What we take to restaurants to keep him busy so he will stay sititng. Glue, scissors, watercolors, dixie cups for watercolors, stickers, paper. Works like a charm.

Made of Japanese linen/cotton blend. Too cute of a print. I put those wood wheel looking things to help him close it up. Easier than knots. I need to make the ribbons a little longer which i plan to do today.

Tutorial found here:

So easy!


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