Sunday, April 12, 2009

Best thrift/garage sale find ever!

happy happy happy!

Loooove this. And there's even more furniture than shown. Amazing find...and so clean.

I simply cannot wait to start making some stuff for this. Mini quilts, towels, pot holders ...oh the possibilities. I'm happy it didn't come with dolls. This way, BG can go choose the dolls for it when she's old enough to play with it. I say she because i'm not letting LD near it. I have no problems with boys playing with dolls but he has a habit of painting things and drawing on things. I'd rather keep his markers and paints out rather than the dollhouse. He uses them endlessly.

I simply cannot believe my luck on finding this and it almost didn't happen. I was on my way to an estate sale. Passed the sign and thought to myself "hmmm nice neighborhood, should come back after the estate sale since they probably have kids."

Huge houses like this (10 plus rooms) usually have horrible sales where everything is priced super high or really good sales where they just don't want to lug it to donation centers. Guess which one this was? Score! Funny thing is she was just leaving her house to go get the sign from the corner since it looked like it was going to rain. She told me i could take a look. And then i saw it. I also got 3 girly halloween costumes. A cat, a ballerina and a princess.

THIS is why all my friends are saying how lucky i am to have a girl. I get it now. I had no preference before but now i get it. I love playing legos and playmobil too don't get me wrong but this.....this is just right up my alley. I never had a dollhouse as a kid and now i do lol.


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