Sunday, April 19, 2009


First off. I want this so bad that it hurts. Seriously. I love it.

I'm tired. Here's what i did today:

- Semi- cleaned the house.
- Mountain of laundry and even folded it.
- Bathed youngest and cut nails. Hey, that's big around here.
- Cooked.for.6.hours. Yes. 6.

See, people are always asking me how i get so much done or have time for this or that. This is how. I do it all in one day.

It is normal for me to cook 3 pakistani dishes and some sides, a pasta dish and some little dude food in one day.

Today i cooked:

Chicken tortilla soup.
Coconut chicken pasta.
Fried chicken.
Ras Malai.
Pasta (i'll add white sauce to it one day and cheese another and tomato yet another). Most for me and LD lunches.

Still working on chicken curry and chicken biryani.

It wears me out but i'm pretty much done for the first half of the week. I also cook big batches so half goes into the freezer right off. I don't eat much pakistani food these days because it bothers the little one. I love doing pakistani food for the freezer. It's a life saver. I portion it into different sizes. Single meals, double meals, and family meals. Last week i did this with chicken parmesan. We ate it for dinner the first night, then i had it for lunch, hubby had it for dinner when he worked later than normal etc. This week i'll do that with eggplant parmesan. A whole eggplant makes enough for us all to eat it and then a few meals left over for the freezer. The trick with freezing food is packaging it right so it doesn't get freezer burned. I pretty much cook twice a week except for small stuff like lunches and LD dinners. It saves a ton of time to do it this way but it is a lot of work upfront. Midweek i cook whatever else needs to be used up (veggies etc) and another dessert. I don't leave any meals in the fridge past 3 days. They go right to the freezer.

Okay, now i'm off to clean up. Cleaners are coming tomorrow so i gotta clean so they can clean. Then i'm done for the week. You bet i'll be making something this week or scrapbooking. I've also got to pack for a little mini break.


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