Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things I love right now

* Baby Girl checking out her feet yesterday for the first time. Coincided with her first time wearing shoes. Hilarious to watch her check out her shoe from every angle and smile. Such a girl.

* My new stripey shirts from Gap. I love stripes. LOVE them. I buy them whenever i can. I have two new additions. Red and white stripes and pink and white. I cannot, for the life of me, get BG to nurse while wearing them though. The milk goes flying. She simply cannot stop staring at them and smiling. I'm a walking mobile for her. She just watches the stripes and smiles and coos.

* How my baby girl checks out what i'm wearing each day. And seems to have an opinion about it.

* How little dude is his own person with his own likes and opinions now. It's been coming about but now it's full on. I have started taking him to the toy store and he really enjoys it. Now while staring up at the Cars cars he tells me which ones he likes and which ones he doesn't. If they don't have one he wants, he doesn't want one just because. He'll wait for the one he wants. Cute. It's like his first collection. It happens with so many other things but it dawned on me these past few weeks how he really has become independent-ish from me. It saddens me and it makes me happy. Maybe this is the fear he's been feeling lately. How scary for a little one to start feeling independent. Must be confusing.

* How when i leave little dude with baby girl, he will sit next to her and hold her hand and say "i am here." And then give her his favorite car and talk to her about cartoons. LOVE these moments. When i'm around he sort of ignores her and goes about his business but when i'm not, he steps in as the mother role. This sometimes brings tears to my eyes.

* Trees are getting buds. Finally. Never have i felt a season so much...well except maybe fall. But spring usually just happens for me. I never really notice it too much except when you abruptly start seeing so much flesh. This year i notice because we are all anxious to get out in it. LD keeps asking me when we are going to go on picnics again? Soon my love, soon.

* How when BG has gas, she will unlatch, purse her lips into a perfect O and let one rip. Frat boys would be impressed by my little girls passing gas enthusiasm. It is so cute. When LD passed gas it always caught me off guard and made me laugh but when this little one does it, my heart swells. Explain that one.

* My craft space is organized and ready for work. I have spaces for everything i do now. Table for scrapbooking etc. I used the Bernina the other day on a project that would have given me trouble with my other machine and i realize i HAVE to keep her. She's a thing of beauty, old as she is.

* Did I mention Spring? And yellow? And green? And the wild turkey's that make a return this time of year to our back yard? We saw one crossing the road yesterday. It's been raining lots but that brings growth as I keep telling LD.


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