Friday, July 28, 2006

Kashmiri Tea

Can anyone give me a *good* as in "tried and true" recipe for Kashmiri Tea? The only ones i'm finding use water not milk. Please only post if you've actually tried it cause i hate bad recipes. I spent over two hours last night making what i thought would be a great dinner and the recipe totally sucked (i assure you, it wasn't the cook!).

Speaking of good recipes. I bought this book when i got engaged to my Pak-man. There isn't a single bad recipe in it! I don't always follow the directions and use it more for a guide but out of the 15-20 or so recipes i've made from it, not one has been bad. There may have been variances about heat - more or less chili powder. Usually more for us and other little nuances like when they say fry the onions for 5 minutes, i fry them for about thirty. I/we (i got my desi taste from fact, it annoys his mom that we eat the same - we both put yoghurt on whatever we are eating and she insists that it hides the taste, we think it enhances it - our only difference is i make little sandwiches out of my food with bread and he doesn't, he uses the bread as a scooper and i use mine like a tortilla almost) anyway about the onions - we like them real carmelized as in the color of dark caramel not butter. Also, for meat, they should double their times for the meat to be tender but if you play with it, these recipes rock and are pretty easy. The bonus is i got the book for $5.99 i believe at the Borders bargain section. If you want to learn to make Pakistani/Indian food, this is a good book to start with. It's been tried and it is true. :-)

Bring on the Kashmiri Tea recipes!


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