Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Why do they keep saying these people were crazy to go on vacation in Lebanon. Ironically, i was thinking of going to Lebanon for vacation. I really was. I was thinking it's a great Med. town, historical, great weather, etc. I've longed to go there after meeting very nice people from there. I knew Christian and Muslim Lebanese who had great conversations over tea and making jokes. Once they rebuilt it, I really didn't think Israel would bomb it again. I had faith in them and i shouldn't. It's only made me turn from disliking them to hating them with every blood cell in my body.

Anyway, my point was going to be that telling people to avoid going to a country that isn't currently under attack in the Middle East for vacation is kind of like telling people "You shouldn't go to the US for vacations because their planes get hijacked and rammed into buildings. Also, people are actively trying to plot more attacks there(according to our leader)."

What idiots. It's not like these things are planned (on the vacationers side). You could walk across the street in poduck town, Missouri and get hit by a car. Does it mean you shouldn't go there? These talking heads should read a book every now and then instead of practicing their smiles in the mirror. My only consolation is that they too will burn in hell for leading people astray and causing death because of it. Enjoy your vacations Mr. and Ms. Newscaster. I hear it's pretty hot down there, but hey, you should have thought of that first! Too bad for you!


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