Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dish Network Scam or mean people suck

Okay, so check this out. My husband ordered dish network after they called and convinced him to do it. They asked for his credit card number and social security number too but he of course didn't give that out. It's bad enough they got the credit card number.

The numbers the guy gave him to call were bad...he tried calling after they stood us up last weekend. Obviously they were trying to scam him for identity theft or whatever.

But the arses called again today and boy did they get an earful from me. I heard that "Assalamu alaikum" and my blood began to boil. I knew it was them. I can't believe they do this stuff with a salaam. Lowlifes. So - don't fall for this scam. I've been getting these calls for months and months. Sometimes they'll call two to three times a day and i always hang up on them because i'm already mad by the time i pick up the phone because they always seemed to call when the little dude is sleeping. But my husband got suckerpunched. Mean people suck.


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