Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meme from Musical Chef's Blog...

I am? woman. Hear me roar.
I want? to taste a Pakistani mango
I wish? Little Dude would go to sleep
I hate? politics - it's such a big mess and when you really start looking at the little pictures that make up the big picture, your head hurts because it's all nonsense and so mangled that it seems it can't be fixed.
I miss? Sunday mornings with the newspaper, coffee and solitude.
I fear? Allah
I hear I am not? patient
I hear I am? generous
I dance? when there's a waterbug on the floor
I sing? Punjabi songs to Little Dude even though neither my husband or me know punjabi
I cry? too easily
I am not always? antisocial
I make with my hands? duas
I write? to be free
I confuse? perennial and annual plants
I need? Allah and a vacation
I should? fold the laundry
I start? too many projects without finishing them
I finish? everything on my plate


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