Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wanna join my mom's group?

So i finally met my happy (gay) neighbors a couple doors down. The little girl they adopted is so cute and she was born in my hometown. He was saying how his partner is now staying at home and is looking for things to do and i was mentioning that i was thinking of starting one for just our little subdivision since there's lot of babies being born (like 6 in the last 10 months). He said, "X said that's the one thing he won't do - go to a mom's group." I felt like such a dunce and should have said so but i didn't feel like a dunce until i got home. There's a lot of gay couples in our neighborhood...i'd say 1/3. One is a doctor and his partner is a nurse - i don't know, but i think that's hilariou - it's just such a cliche. There's quite a few doctors in our neighborhood in general. Get this. The one guy - with the little girl - said he went to the pediatrician and guess who the receptionist there was? The runaway bride from GA. Too funny.


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