Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I went to church today...

and it was so weird! I went with my moms group to check out the daycare school that starts in the fall. Good rates and good play areas but I was very uncomfortable with it all. I don't know why it was so weird. I spent a good portion of my youth in churches but now it feels very odd to me. I don't think i can use them. I do need a day to run errands etc - it would be so much faster if i could leave him for a couple hours while he naps once a week - their rates are great. I think i'll look into finding a babysitter though.

What else on this front? I just read a great book and am reviewing it now. I really need to start selling my reviews in more than one place. I'm trying to catch up on some magazine reading and some books. I read an article about Zarkawi from April - boy were they wrong lol.

I also read that they are going to start teaching the Bible in schools here in GA. I think that sucks that supposedly state and church are separate yet my taxes go to funding bible studies and a crusade against muslims too. Now here's something funny on the religious front in GA - they want to put the ten commandments up in state and federal buildings and the congressman that wants to do it can't even name three of the commandments when asked.

Watch the video

Silly little people that run our states and countries. I seriously wonder how these people end up in power. How stupid are we?

I'm all stuck on religion these days. I'm reading the Bible right now which i haven't done since i converted to Islam and it's interesting how differently i read it. The bible is what made me convert to Islam. It's very interesting though to read the Bible, then read the Qur'an each day. I wish i had a copy of the Torah. I'd really like to read it but i've never even seen one...just portions of it. What's interesting is that while i read the Bible, i feel 100% positively sure that Islam is the right path. Not that i had any doubts, but if it did, it would reassure me. It's amazing how similar the religions and books are - how is it that the religions are practiced so differently when they are/should be so similar?

I promise to get off the religion thing soon. That's what fills my days though. And the LD.

Oh wait, there's one more thing - Fathers Day. I called my dad and all was good but i was curious about something. Bush's ratings are very low, the attitude on the war is changing so i thought i'd ask my dad if he was still a Bush supporter and pro war. Boy did i open a can of worms. We got into a huge fight. I can't believe what he believes about the Middle East. I swear my whole family watches FOX news like it's really news. How can two men arguing and screaming over each other or women, whatever, be considered news? That's what they watch though and that's what they quote. We were both so frustrated with each other we had to hang up. I've lost most my family for my religious beliefs. It's okay though. See, it's all religion with me these days. I promise to talk of something else soon.


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