Friday, June 02, 2006

Spelling Bee

Anyone who knows me knows i love anything spelling bees. I love books about spelling bees and movies about spelling bees and spelling bees themselves. I haven't seen the lastest two movies - "Akeelah and the Bee" and "Bee Season" but i did read "Bee Season" and fully intend to watch both movies as soon as LD decides i'm allowed to watch movies again. I watched Spellbound twice a couple years ago.

I think i like spelling bees because i was always a really good speller and think it would have been fun to go on the circuit but i didn't know that was possible back then. I think it would be really cool if Little Dude wanted to do it. I would have so much fun being a spelling bee mom.

I was hoping the homeschooled kid would win because i think it's cool he's homeschooled and something i've been considering doing for my kids. After that i was hoping for the last desi standing - he was such a little sweetie. There are always so many desis in spelling bees!

It's heartbreaking to watch the kids faces when the buzzer is heard and i get all emotional from it. They are all so talented. I was thinking last night that if Little Dude did compete he would be the champion of 2017. 2017!!!! How weird does that sound? It doesn't even sound possible to me. When i told my husband this he said that LD would graduate college in 2027. That's just crazy!

I then asked my husband if he thought it was possible that LD would be into spelling. He said "Of course, he's got nerds for parents." Well speak for yourself mister lol. But there i sat with this book in my lap. I got it a couple days ago and have already done half the puzzles. I so love cryptograms! I guess i have to admit that i am a dork.


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