Tuesday, May 23, 2006


See i told you i don't have anything interesting to say anymore. This is what i've been up to:

1. Avoiding my annoying neighbor. This is the super duper Christian "everyone-but-Christians-is-going-to-hell" neighbor i'm always complaining about. She just bugs me. Even more than usual lately. The other day, she said two new things to bug me. First one was "My husband wants me to independent not dependent". Sounds harmless right? Wrong. She thinks it's dumb that my husband and i make joint decisions about things like buying carseats, kids stuff, etc. She also thinks he likes to keep me at home since he often picks up the groceries on the way home from work so i don't have to. I do the farmers market and he does the regular grocery store. So now i'm a kept woman because my husband is helpful. I forget what the second thing was but trust me it was annoying. She says so many things that are just wrong. Thinks i'm weird for bf'ing my kid still (he's only 8 months for God's sake - can you believe the little dude is 8 months???!!! Yikes!).

2. I've made a ton of baby food and playing with recipes to keep his palate interested. This weeks favorite: Big breakfast - Oatmeal cooked with apple and dates pureed with whole milk yoghurt and sometimes i add a egg yolk (hardboiled). I add a little brewers yeast sometimes too. He loves it.

3. I'm suffering from a nasty cold. Little Dude had the sniffles and runny nose for a few days and somehow i get intensely sick from that (or it could have been a kid from the moms group i belong to).

4. Went to a birthday party for one of Little Dude's "friends" - it was a lot of fun and we came home with a fish. I've never had a fish so that's pretty amusing.

5. I finally finally got the pictures downloaded from my camera. There was 577 pictures on there.

6. Bored yet? Thought so. Just felt the need to post something. Anything really.


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