Thursday, May 04, 2006

The world spins so fast...

I just can't keep up with anything anymore. I had so much to say about my visit but now nothing seems worth mentioning. Oh, except i ate the most wonderful samosas and ladoo there. I need to make samosas again and come up with my own original recipe. I do it different everytime. The ras malai i made there (twice!) was a big hit obviously (since i made it twice).

What else? Got some mom time. Got nails done and a haircut while my inlaws and sister-in-law watched the Little Dude (it was weird being away from him). Neither (hair and nails) had been done for about a year. Before the religious police get on me about getting my nails done - please don't. I don't get mine painted. Just beautified. Hope that's okay with you. Hmmm, what else? Ah, yes! My son was not letting me sleep there at all and was just crazy in the night but alas, two days after getting home, he slept gooood as the result of two brand new beautiful little sharp teeth. Sharp enough that they cut his tongue (from running it across them so many times in curiousity). He also says Momma and Baba. Mostly for food or attention but when he gets adament about it he goes - MOOOOOOOOOMMA! just to make sure i heard. He also pulls my hair to wake me up. He's developing like a little mad man now. MashAllah, such wonderful blessings parents get to witness every day.

Okay, off to make some gulab jamon and if i get a long nap out of the little dude, i just might whip up some samosas too. I won't count on it.


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