Friday, April 07, 2006

Me and the Rabbi

I had the best shopping experience i've ever had in Atlanta. I never have good shopping experiences in Atlanta because i find the service industry here very lacking in customer service but yesterday was absolutely one of my best days in this rude city.

Okay, it started with me going to the halal market over the weekend (well DH really, i was in the car with Little Dude so we wouldn't get the "white girl tax" as Lucky Fatima calls it). Anyway, he asked for extra lean ground beef and the guy gave him (as usual...he does it to me too) ground beef with chunks of white bone/cartilage in it. When my husband asked if he has anything without the chunks of white (hence, lean meat) he said "that's as lean as ground beef can get" - okay, mr dude, i don't think so. American grocery stores don't put the chunky stuff in there, neither does the kosher butcher. I'm not stupid and i gag when eating meat that has chewy gristle in it. That's just disgusting. And the meat was already browning and old soooo, he got the chicken and left the beef.

So yesterday i went to the grocery store (typical Kroger) that is in the Jewish neighborhood not far from our house and Southern Masala (sidebar) had told me how great the deli was at the Publix next door but DH always went and not me so i didn't know how good it was till yesterday. Oh dear me! This store rocks. Not only does it have a whole butcher section for kosher meat, but a rabbi to go with it. And customer service. It was nice shopping around all the Jewish women and older women and boy were they soaking up Little Dude. There was even another Muslim and a Hindu shopping. Also, there's three aisles of food that are just kosher! And a kosher deli! And and much! So i got good lean ground beef (much more expensive but worth it) and a few other things. It's so sad that Muslims have to be such awful thieving butchers. If we stuck in a neighborhood like Jewish people often do maybe it would be better...dunno.

Anyhow, this is the best part of the story - I was looking for the taco salad shells that they sell at my kroger and couldn't find them. I asked someone who in turn went running to the rabbi and asked him where they were. "Rabbi Schwartz, Rabbi Schwartz! Where are the taco salad shells?" The rabbi came out and asked what i meant, i explained. I loved this guy with his big beard hair covered with the hairnet like plastic thingys. Then a nice older Jewish lady straight out of Brooklyn started telling me where, so off i went to look for them and the rabbi too. He made sure i found them. Now how is that for customer service? Can you imagine a Muslim doing that? Ever????

If i didn't believe in every word of the Holy Qur'an i so would have converted to Judaism at that moment! I find Muslims very difficult and almost seedy to work with. I don't think i'll even deal with the halal butcher regarding beef...i'll go straight to the kosher grocery store.


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